Calm Filament Overview: Tech 1 Caracal

Disclaimer: The abyss is a dangerous place and although some fits may function well in all types of abyss space, it is much more common for fits to function well in only one or two types of filaments.

This article is meant to function as an overview of the Tech 1 caracal fit posted on the CCP website, while also providing some strategies and tips for diving into the abyss with this fitting.

CCP Tech 1 Caracal

[Caracal, T1 Abyssal Caracal]
Ballistic Control System I
Ballistic Control System I
Ballistic Control System I
IFFA Compact Damage Control
10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier
Prototype 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Hornet I x2
Scourge Heavy Assault Missile x300

* You can import this fit in game:
1. Copy the above text,
2. Open the fitting window in game,
3. On the bottom left of the fitting browser, click “import & Export,”
4. Select “Import from clipboard.”

Fit Overview

This CCP provided fit is meant to give new players and players new to the abyss a starting point when attempting the new content of the abyss.

The Caracal, a solid ship for PVE and PVP even from the early days of New Eden, functions well for tackling calm abyssal sites. The caracal derives most of its damage from missiles but does have a functional drone bay capable of storing 2 light drones.

High Slots

– Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I

Heavy assault missiles are a short range, high damage weapon system. Although the weapon system is “short ranged,” the caracal’s inherent 10% bonus to missile velocity, allows for a range of just over 30km at max skills. Heavy assault missile apply damage very well to all cruisers and battleships that a pilot might encounter in the abyss, unfortunately, they do not apply well to small fast ships. For this weapon system to apply decent damage to frigates, it is necessary to fit a stasis webifier, detailed below.

Missile weapons allow the user to choose what specific type of damage to apply to any given situation. This is of huge benefit in the abyss, where, depending on which filament is being run, all enemies will have a penalty to a specific damage type. The majority of the time, it is proper to use the following missiles with each type of filament:

Mid Slots

– 10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner

This afterburner provides a decent boost to speed without the negative effect of the signature bloom penalty of a micro warp drive. Afterburners will continue to function eve if you have a warp scrambler activated against you.

– Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I

With five available mid-slots, the caracal is typically a shield tanker. This oversized shield booster pairs well with the Cap battery discussed below. The two modules work well together allowing for this ship to sustain an active shield boost without running the capacitor dry.

– X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier

The Stasis Webifier, or “Web” for short, is an essential tool in PVP, but sees much use in PVE as well. When activated on a target, the X5 enduring stasis web will reduce the targets speed by 55%. This reduction in speed means that your turrets and drones will hit more often and for more damage.

– Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

The “cap battery” does two things: First, it increases your maximum capacitor storage, which indirectly increases your peak capacitor recharge rate. Second, it provides a resistance bonus against capacitor warfare effects. The Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery reduces the effect of any energy neutralizer or energy nosferatu effect against your ship by 22%. One of the biggest killers in the abyss is having your capacitor run dry.

On this caracal fit if your capacitor gets too low, the shield booster will cease to function and the ship will explode if it is still under fire. Fortunately, the heavy assault launchers do not take any capacitor to fire. Even if the capacitor is empty, this ship can still apply damage.

– Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I

The caracal, like the majority of most ships, has a zero resistance to EM damage with its shields. To plug this huge hole in the defenses, the Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I offers a 32.5% increase in EM damage resistance. This will stack with the IFFA Compact Damage Control, detailed below, to produce a 40% – 50% total EM resistance, depending on pilot skills. The skill “EM Shield Compensation” gives a 5%/level increase to the effectiveness of EM ward amplifiers.

Low Slots

– Ballistic Control System I

The ballistic control system I (BCU), gives an 8% are of fire bonus and a 7% damage bonus to your heavy assault missile launchers. Although a second and any subsequent BCUs fit to the ship will suffer from a stacking penalty, 3 of these modules still provide a hefty bonus to this ships damage output.

IFFA Compact Damage Control

A common module for both PVP and PVE ships, all damage controls provide a respectable resistance bonus to both armor and shields and a large damage resistance bonus to your ships structure (structure resists are typically 0 for all damage types). Because Gallente ships, like the vexor, have the most structure hit points out of all the racial she types, they benefit greatly from damage controls. Although it is never a good sign if your ship begins taking structure damage, with a damage control fitted, structure HP can act as a buffer that might allow a failing tank the time needed to recover, thereby saving the day.


Match drone type to abyssal resistance penalty. The caracal only carries two light drones and has no bonus to the HP of those drones. If the drones get targeted by an npc or take damage from an abyssal weather effect, they will be destroyed very quickly.

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