Abyss Primer/Tutorial


Abyssal primer and tutorial:

  1. What is the Abyss?
  2. How do I enter the Abyss?
  3. What do I fight in the Abyss?
  4. How do I make ISK?
  5. What are the dangers of the Abyss?
  6. Can I PVP in the Abyss?
  7. Is it worth it?
  8. What ship do I use?
  9. My Experience?
  1. What is the Abyss?

The abyss it a new type of PVE content that was released in 2018. It is instanced eve “missions” that can be run either solo, using a cruiser, or in a group, using frigates.

To enter an abyss pocket, you need a trade good that is purchasable on the market called a “filament.”

There are 5 types of filaments and each type is divided into 5 tiers. Each type of filament has a detrimental effect and a bonus effect to ship systems of both players and NPC. The types and effects are listed below:

Further, each type of filament is decided into 5 tiers, tier 1(calm) being the easiest, and tier 5(chaotic) being extremely difficult. Tiers are listed below:

Note: I have on occasion encountered a 70% bonus/penalty in tier 4.

2. How do I enter the Abyss?

Cruisers: To enter a cruiser solo abyss you must place a filament in your ship cargo hold, fly at least 1000km away from any anchored structures, right click the filament and choose the “use” option, then hit “activate” in the popup window. Once you activate the filament, your ship will be sucked through a wormhole into the first “room” of the abyssal pocket. Each abyssal deadspace pocket has 3 rooms, separated by warpgates.
Activating a filament starts a timer which you will be able to track in the upper left corner of your screen. The time to complete the 3 rooms of the abyss pocket is always 20 minutes, no matter the filament type. If you do not complete all three rooms in 20 minutes, the pocket will collapse, destroying your ship and your pod.

Any T1, T2, or faction cruiser may enter an abyssal pocket. (No T3 cruisers)

Frigates: To enter an abyss pocket in a frigate, you must be in a fleet and have 3 of the same type and tier of a filament in your cargo. Activating will consume all 3 filaments. Once the filaments are activating, a special warp gate will appear next to your ship. This warp gate will allow up to 3 frigates to enter the same abyssal pocket.

Once activated, the 20 minute timer begins to run, whether you have 1,2, or 3 frigates in the pocket, the time will always be 20 minutes.

Exiting the Abyss

In the 3rd room of the Abyss you will find an exit gate called “Triglavian Origin Conduit,” you must activate this gate to leave and stop the time. The timer will stop once the warp animation ends, after activating the gate.

In tier 3, 4, and 5 abyssal pockets, there may be a second gate in the last room. This is the “Proving grounds” gate. If you activate this gate, you will warp to a 4th room in the abyss pocket. You will find yourself face to face with another player. The only way to leave this room is for one players ship to be destroyed. The timer will reset and you now have 30 minutes to PVP your way out of the room. There is one last cache of loot in this room as well.

Please see the Eve University wiki for a more detailed explanation of filaments and the abyss: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Abyssal_Deadspace

3. What do I fight in the Abyss?

There are several different types of rats in the abyss. Each room has a randomized wave of rats with a randomized mix of types. You MUST kill all rats in the room to activate the gate and move to the next room. Exception: there is one wave of rats that has “Vila Swarm Drones,” you do not need to kill these drones, only the ships controlling them.

The rats do not drop wrecks or loot.

Please see the Eve University wiki for a more detailed explanation of abyssal rat spawns: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Abyssal_Deadspace

4. How do I make isk?

In each room of the abyss there are two types of containers. First, the Bioadaptive Cache is the main container with the best loot. It is usually within about 10km of the exit gate. 0 to 3 secondary containers may be spread around the periphery of the abyssal room. These containers will have some loot but only collect them if you have time to spare.

Please see the Eve University wiki for a more detailed explanation of loot: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Abyssal_Deadspace

5. What are the dangers of the Abyss?

There are many things that can kill you in the abyss. The most dangerous issues are being energy neuted, webbed, and running out of time.

When entering a tier 3 or above pocket, you must have a ship that can avoid a great deal of DPS, avoid or deal with being webbed, and avoid or overcome significant capacitor warfare.

6. Can I PVP in the Abyss

Yes. If you complete all three of the initial rooms, you may take the proving grounds gate where you will have to 1v1 another pod pilot, winner take all.

7. Is it worth it?

This is for each individual to decide.

I have been keeping a spreadsheet of all the loot I acquire in the abyss, time per run, and sell prices at current market value. I have found the abyssal sites to be very profitable at tier 3 and tier 4.

Tier 1 and tier 2 are really more like training rooms and do not pay out very well, but there is always the odd chance that a good drop can bring in several hundred million from a single run.

Tier 5 are very difficult. My feeling is that if you run tier 5, you will die eventually. I have heard rumors that certain fits in the cost realm of 10bil+ can reliably run tier 5 abyssals.

8. What ship do I use?

There is no one ship to rule them all when it comes to abyssal sites. Because of the bonuses and penalties in each type of filament, certain ships may have huge advantages in one abyssal type and be totally useless in another type.

A great example is the Gila. The Gila is an all round excellent PVE ship and using one in the abyss is a good choice for many filament types. A passive fit Gila benefits very much form a Gamma sites shield HP bonus, making passive regen extremely strong. The Gila also does well in Exotic abyss sites because of the Gila’s natural kinetic damage bonus allows for very fast runs. Do not take a Gila into a Dark site though. The bonus to velocity and the penalty to turret range means that the Gila drones orbit out of range of their own guns and cannot hit their target.

Active tanked ships do really well in Electrical abyss because the bonus to capacitor makes it really hard to get neuted out. I have had luck with gila and sacrilege in electricals.

Cruisers for Tier 1 sites:

The Eve Online website has some suggested fits for Calm Abyssal sites:





Disclaimer: I have not used any of these fits, but tier 1 sites are pretty ease so any of these should work as a starting point.

9. My experience

After running 10 Fierce Firestorm filaments with a passive fit gila, isk per hour calculated to $127,011,787.27/hr. The gila plus the fit cost about 400million isk.

After running 45 Raging Dark filaments with a Cerberus, isk per hour calculated to $247,912,435.99. The Cerberus fit that I use costs about 1.7billion isk and another 2.7billion isk in implants.

Firestorm and Dark filaments are two of the more difficult types to run resulting in the filaments selling for much cheaper on the market.

Firestorms give an armor HP bonus to all the rats which extends the time needed to complete the site. Running out of time in a firestorm is a greater possibility than in other abyssal.

Dark Abyssals are difficult because there is no resistance hole to exploit. This functions much the same as an HP boost to the rats. Additionally, ships that rely on turrets do very poorly at applying damage in darks. Because all ships in darks have a velocity bonus, missiles also have a difficult time applying damage. Duel webs feel necessary, but webs take the same mid slots as cap batteries and boosters, necessary items if you are confronted with a spawn heavy with energy neutralizers.

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